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Warm weather has its numerous upsides. Grilling and cookout parties are abundant at this time and now are a perfect opportunity to have an African inspired Barbecue (or Braii as is referred to in South Africa). From décor to grilling recipes we will share tips on how to throw a wonderful party with Afro centric flava!


The strength of your party is in the food you serve. The following is a list of common food served and the African alternative.


Meats have traditionally been the centerpiece of barbecues with several variations served. Africa has a lot of recipes for meat dishes with variations depending on the region. Burgers for the most part is absent in traditional African cuisine.

Barbecue Ribs……. Grilled Spare Ribs (East African Nyama Choma)
Barbecue Chicken…Mozambican Piripiri Chicken (East African)
Grilled Chicken Suya (West African)
Grilled Beef Kababs…. West African Suya (West African)
Grilled Sausages……….Grilled Boerewors (South African)
Grilled Salmon……… Grilled Tilapia in Banana Leaves

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