Edikang Ikong

This restaurant sits on a surprisingly quiet enclave of Main Street in the heart of historic College Park , an Atlanta Suburb. As you walk through the doors, you are greeted with warm aromas of eastern Nigerian food that instantly causes your mouth to water. As the personable staff takes your order, the sound of other patrons talking to each other while they wait for their food juxtaposes with the sounds of the trains just across the street. In this setting, one cannot help but be consumed by the inclusive feeling of camaraderie and warmth this joint exudes.

Charles Okeke, the chef manager of the Palms restaurant is one of the most personable people you can meet. A man with an eye for detail and excellence in east Nigerian cuisine, Charles immigrated to the U.S along with his family in 1999 after years of running his own company in Nigeria . Afrofoodbytes sits with this culinary master for an interview.

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