Mitad’s is the primary cooking utensil used to prepare injera (Ethiopian and Eritrean staple). Mitad is a flat pan about 45 to 60cm in diameter and traditionally used over large clay hearths to bake injera, roast coffee beans and sometimes toast spices. Modern technology has simplified the baking process via the production of electric mitads that have reduced the unhealthy exposure to smoke and soot from the hearths.

Electric Teflon coated mitads or grills are actually Norwegian lefse grills that mimic the relatively high heat that traditional mitads can reach (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit). When used for the purpose of baking injera, it should not be used to cook any other food product as it could affect future quality of injera baked on it. Also, regular cooking oil cannot be used as it could forever render the grill useless for proper injera baking. Cleaning can be done right after baking injeras by cleaning off while hot with clean cloth and rape seeds.

Electric ceramic grills are also available and are favored by a growing number of people due to concerns of Teflon breaking down at high temperatures.

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