Happy New Year

With the new year comes the resolutions to lose weight, live healthier and do better in general. Eating well for me is a way of life, I like to eat really good food but watch the quantity so I can be healthy. But with he new year, the question I get a lot is, are there any African dishes that are light and delicious? my answer to that is a resounding YES!!! Most African meals are light and because most recipes are written with unprocessed ingredients have very high nutritional value. The food products with very high fat content like palm oil (used heavily in West African cuisine) can be used sparingly for daily use by using half the quantity called for in a recipe and substituting remaining half with canola oil or for recipes where palm oil is used primarily for color (Yam Pottage), other ingredients like pureed bell peppers can be a great substitute. One of my favorite lite recipes that makes for a great lunch or supper is a vegetable couscous and grilled coconut milk dipped Tilapia. It is a great representation of North and East African cuisine and it spotlights how African inspired meals can have it all in one package…..look, smell and taste fabulous!!! From my kitchen to your, Enjoy!

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