The Winter Storm

I have just spent the past few days cooped up at home this week due to an ice storm that had the area that I live, crippled. Because we don’t get a lot of snow here, the government was ill prepared to handle the onslaught of bad weather which caused movement out of the house to be almost impossible. This forced shut –in caused a sort of cabin fever for me by the 3rd day. I had spent the previous 2 days catching up on my housekeeping, rearranged my pantry, cooked several meals including a four course dinner to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and finally got to watch that movie I had been putting off due to “lack of time”. At the height of my cabin fever, I decided to venture out to see if I could catch up on some work at the office, only to really miss my kids whom I know where home just enjoying the free time off school and playing in the snow. It was in that second I experienced a sort of “Aha Moment”. I started to think of how much fun it would be to just relax and play like a kid again, with no deadlines to meet, no need to stress about what needs to be done. What it would be to take a deep cleansing breathe and just enjoy the moment. I knew it would feel wonderful and very liberating. I quickly returned home and changed into my snow clothes and joined my kids in the backyard making snow angels and building yet another snowman. Now, I have built a lot of snowmen with my kids in the past but this time felt sweeter because I was in kid mode! No work tomorrow yeah! More snow in the forecast? Great! I have made a promise to myself that from now on, I will endeavor to look at situations beyond my control like bad weather from “the eyes of a child”. It is the ultimate form of relaxation and will bring about a simple happiness only the young and young at heart can truly appreciate.

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