Savory Mixed Beans

16 oz Black Eyed Peas

1 cup sliced red Onions

2 tsp Hot Pepper (Afrofood Brand is a great choice)

4 Tbsp Ground Crayfish

1 smoked fish (cleaned and shredded)

2 Bay Leaves

2 Ripe Plantains (peeled and cut into 3 inch pieces)

½ cup of Palm Oil (very good brand please)

Salt to taste

Over medium heat, bring beans, bay leaves, salt and pepper to boil in a large pot, make sure to cover beans with at least 2 inches of water.  Cook covered for at least 30 minutes then add crayfish, smoked fish and plantain pieces. Continue to cook for additional 15- 20 minutes. Stir the beans well making sure to mash the cooked plantain into the beans, add the palm oil and stir into the bean mixture, taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly. Lower heat and cook for additional 10 minutes. Serve hot topped with roasted cherry tomatoes and plantain chips.

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