A tagine is a cooking instrument used to cook several Moroccan and North African dishes. It is a shallow glazed earthenware cooking pot with a distinctive conical lid. The design is so as to allow all escaping steam to return back to the cooking dish, in the process allowing for a very tender and moist dish.

The name also denotes the dish cooked in it. The tagine works well for the local indigents as tough cuts of meat are rendered to deliciously soft textures through the slow braising cooking process of the tagine. It is originally Berber in origin, it is used by placing the food to be cooked inside the bottom of the pan along with some braising liquid and covered with the lid. It is then placed over a charcoal brazier and cooked until done.

In recent times, Tagines have undergone some modern updates.
Several manufacturers now use cast iron for the base which allows for fast browning of the meat cooked in it.

The base of the tagine also doubles as a serving dish.

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