Healthy Eats this Father’s Day!

With Father’s Day just around the corner – Sunday, June 19 – we appreciative sons and daughters prepare to celebrate and honor dear ole dad and the father figures in our lives. Dad has always been there to not only teach us the ropes and provide for our safety and well being but to love and encourage us, give reassuring hugs and wipe away our tears when things don’t go just right. With that we say, “We love you, dad! You’re the best!”
So on Father’s Day, whether dad is hitting the links, his secret fishing hole, the ball field to cheer his favorite team or the La-Z-Boy for an afternoon of sports viewing in the AC, one thing is for sure . . . he’ll relish a lovingly prepared, healthy meal to top off his big day.
Forget the Father’s Day gift traditions of ties and power tools. The gift of a healthy, home-cooked meal will show dad just how much he really means to us. For a change of pace, we’re commandeering the grill and preparing a delicious meal of grilled tuna steaks. Topped with charmoula sauce for an African twist and served with a classic vegetable succotash, we’ve got a meal that’s sure to be a grand slam for the whole family!
Tuna is one of the most popular and versatile fish available today, and the health benefits of eating fish are widely known. Tuna happens to be an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and other nutrients that lower blood pressure and help to prevent both coronary heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Health benefits aside, tuna is simply delicious! By grilling the tuna steaks, we maintain the mouthwatering flavors of the fish that dad will savor along with all the healthy benefits that he deserves.
Charmoula sauce is a classic North African sauce or marinade that is used in many fish and seafood dishes. While it looks a lot like pesto, charmoula adds a tangy kick of lemon when added to food. The secret to a really great charmoula is to prepare it with preserved lemons, but if preserved lemons are not readily available, lemon zest is an ideal substitute.
As a side dish, succotash is an American classic and can be very healthy if prepared in the right way. Traditional succotash is made with corn and lima beans; our recipe adds additional summer vegetables to increase the health benefits and add more complex flavors and vibrant colors to the dish.
Cap off the meal with a cold beer and dad’s favorite dessert, and Dad can settle back into the La-Z-Boy knowing how loved and appreciated he truly is. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Healthy Father’s Day Menu

Grilled Tuna Steak
Charmoula Sauce
Summer Succotash

Grilled Tuna topped with Charmoula Sauce on bed of Summer Succotash

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