Spice Cookoff!

To encourage you to use the spice we sent out, Afrofood is having a spice cookoff! To participate, post a picture of a meal you made with our spices, with the coupon you received by mail beside it, in the “Spice Cookoff” album of our facebook page. On July 22nd, the top five will be picked and placed in a “Cookoff’s Top Five” album. Members will be able to vote on them by “liking” them.The winners with the most votes will be decided by July 29th. The following prizes will be given:

First Place:Cuisinart MultiClad Pro 12 piece Stainless Steel Cookware and a set of Afrofood Spices. (Retail Value $350.00)

Second Place:1 Set of Afrofood Spices (Retail Value $50.00)

3rd to 5th place: Choice of three Afrofoood spices (Retail Value $24.99)

-Must be a member of facebook fan page to participate.
-Must use Afrofood spice and show proof by including an afrofood coupon or product in the picture.
-Must reside in the U.S.A

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