School’s out for summer!

Ready or not, school’s almost out. Children everywhere – whether elementary or high school ages — are looking forward to a few months of days without alarm clocks, bus rides and afternoons and evenings NOT spent with their noses stuck in text books.

In Africa, summer means hanging out and doing as little as possible. Many families cannot afford to take summer vacations so children make the most of their time away from school and enjoy days playing outside and making new friends.

American children also welcome warmer days to play outside with friends old and new; however, vacations and camps often fill summer calendars. Many families are fortunate enough to enjoy a week at the beach or extended time spent with family and friends. On the home front, summer camps provide an opportunity for fun and often for trying something new. From performing arts, tennis and fencing to gymnastics, robotics and week-long sleep-away camps, the possibilities are as exciting as they are endless.

This laid back, easy-going mood spills over to summer menus as well. Outdoor dinners at home on the patio and picnics for the park or pool are popular options during the summer months. Say goodbye to the confines of the kitchen and prepare a summer picnic that’s simple, light and delicious.
Charcoal Grilled Suya chicken sandwiches are portable and filling for adults and children.. Crunchy sweet potato chips and grilled corn on the cob make perfect accompaniments. A summer staple, corn on the cob is delicious grilled and is a breeze to prepare. Check out our recipe section for the sweetest and freshest grilled corn ever. Beat the heat with a North African Inspired drink, a refreshing mango iced Green tea . It quenches thirst and is a sweet accompaniment to the meal.Recipe also available in our recipe section.

Even though the pace is slower, the summer months seem to fly by. Make the most of this relaxed time of the year and take advantage of time spent outdoors with family and friends and the bounty of flavorful and colorful foods summer has to offer.

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