Five dishes every Nigerian-husband-finding lady needs to know

I love my Nigerian men. They are hardworking, loyal and above all great providers. To this end, many women, Nigerian and otherwise, are gunning for them, and there are several skills a smart lady must have to be able to have her pick of the litter. Experience in the kitchen is definitely one skill that must not be overlooked. The saying” the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his belly” definitely applies to most of our Nigeria brothers.
There are so many delicious dishes that have wide appeal, but a few basics are necessary for every Nigerian kitchen.

1.Tomato Stew: She must know how to cook a mean tomato stew! No Nigerian home is complete without stew. This is so true that if you have a home filled with all the groceries imaginable in the pantry, no stew would lead to calls of “we are out of food” or “soup no dey.” Stew is the cornerstone of most meals, and a stew that does not meet the mettle will be the first indication of your inadequacies in the kitchen and subsequent poor homemaker skills.

2. Egusi Soup: This is probably the most common of the soups that you will find in west Africa and more importantly Nigeria. The soup is a necessary accompaniment for bland staples like pounded yams or Garri among others, and a savory stew is needed to assist with the “swallow.” There is a Yoruba saying that states “the owner of the soup is who has the husband.” The saying could not be any truer than in this instance.

3.Vegetable Soup: There are so many variations to this dish in Nigeria, and this is another important one to master. This is the dish that you want to impress your future mother in law with the first time you cook for her. The ability to cook this soup is a skill that any cook can appreciate. This type of stew is important to learn because Nigerian food is very plant based. A lot of meals are accompanied with vegetable rich stews, so learn!

4.Fried Eggs: You have not had fried eggs until you have tried Nigeria fried eggs. This dish is absolutely delicious, and it is a must to master. Eggs are not usually eaten daily and are regarded as a delicacy when served. Knowing the proper pepper, tomato and onion ratios is important for flavoring the meal so that anyone sampling your dish will be sure to complement.

5. Jollof Rice: I cannot stress the importance of this dish to the average Nigerian man. You cannot go to any party or gathering without this dish being served. Jollof rice requires a skill of combining the ingredients not only in the right ratio but also with the right seasonings to ensure the light smoky flavor that comes with proper Jollof. Your ability to make this dish will earn you a place in the food cooking hall of fame.

With the knowledge of these dishes under your belt, you can be assured that you will have the advantage in not only getting your man but keeping him. Enjoy!

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