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Iced Green Tea

A cool drink that is sure to satisfy. North African Tea blend.

Curry Chicken

A mild savory South African Curry Recipe. Yum!

Nigerian Designer Stew

A West African (Nigerian)Fave! A spicy and fiery stew that is sure to challenge the [...]

Rose Water WaterMelons

A Moroccan inspired dessert. A refreshing way to serve up a summer favorite, WaterMelons!

Sosaties (Grilled Lamb)

South African grilling at its best! A curry infused grilled lamb infused with sweetness of [...]

Sweet Potato Fritters

A delicious twist on Sweet Potatoes! Grated Sweet potatoes loaded with other ingredients to give [...]

Barbecue Ribs

The best African Inspired Barbecue Ribs Ever!

Afrofood Barbecue Sauce

A delicious sweet, tangy and spicy sauce that gives a kick to any grilled meat!

Horn of Africa

An introduction to the Cuisines of the Horn of Africa

Vegetable Succotash

A healthy and delicious side dish. America's Oldest Side!